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In the sculptural wallobjects, the resource-saving use of materials plays a central role.

Through haptics and depth effect, the materiality is transformed into sensory impressions and made tangible. 


Parts of a removed linoleum floor, old wooden boards or newly coated substrates give each art object an effect that stands on its own. According to the principle of urban mining, materials are removed from disposal and recycled.

By combining old and new materials, the relevance of a responsible use of materials is emphasized and made tangible in aesthetic objects.


Some of the art objects are created for a particular building. Thus, a façade material or the color scheme of the building flows into the art object, making it possible to make a part of the building transportable and to preserve it for eternity.


In current works, more attention is paid to the use of reusable materials in order to transfer the art object into a cycle. The idea behind this is to produce art objects that can be returned. In return, advantages arise in the acquisition of new art objects. Through this recyclable art, material consumption is reduced and new material is used as efficiently as possible. At the same time, the multiple use of parts gives the art objects a deeper connection to the idea of circulation.

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